Aline Bogossian showcases the #CCHCSP/Tulips Partnership

I am excitedly writing to let CCHCSP know of a recent publication entitled “Assessment of the family environment in paediatric neurodisabiity: a state of the art review” found here:  This paper is designed to help researchers and clinicians working with families of children with neurodisabilities to critically assess measures of ‘family environment’ for this population.

This paper is the product of a collaboration with a colleague Marjolijn Ketelaar from the Netherlands.  My connection to Marjolijn was made possible through financial support by the CCHCSP (credits in paper) and the CCHCSP/Tulips program.  The program allowed me to travel to the Netherlands to participate in a grant writing weekend in Amsterdam and to also travel to connect with researchers in the country in similar fields to exchange research ideas.   After meeting with Marjolijn and her colleagues and sharing research interests, I was invited by her to collaborate on the attached invited review for Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology.  It’s been a couple of years in the making, which makes it so much more special!

Citation: Ketelaar, M., Bogossian, A., Saini, M., Visser‐Meily, A., & Lach, L. (2016). Assessment of the family environment in pediatric neurodisability: a state‐of‐the‐art review. Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology.


Aline Bogossian
Recent PhD Awardee Graduate
McGill, Social Work

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