Executive Committee

  • Executive Committee has the ultimate authority over the program and provides the strategic direction and operational aspects of CCHCSP. The committee is responsible to ensure that the program maintains its focus on meeting the needs for child health clinician scientist training in Canada, and keeps pace with the changing research landscape. The committee has final authority over the trainee selection process, financial stewardship, policies, guidelines, and appointment of the Director and program staff. The Program Operations Committee (Director and Program Manager) will implement the program and report to the Executive. New Executive Committee members are nominated by existing committee members, and approved to serve a 2-year term. This 6-person committee has representation from each of the 3 regions (Region 1: Atlantic Provinces & Quebec; Region 2: Ontario; Region 3: Prairies and British Columbia. In addition, trainee a representative and two disciplinary representatives are included.
  • Jennifer Stinson (Disciplinary Representative, Nursing)
  • Mario Cappelli (Ontario)
  • Roger Chafe (Que & Atlantic)
  • Sandra Hodgetts (BC & Prairies)
  • Thierry Lacaze (Selection)
  • Shannon MacDonald (Trainee Rep)
  • Dr. Susan Samuel (Director)
  • Mrs. Linda Pires (Program Manager, Ex-officio)