CCHCSP 2nd Annual Twitter Chat on Equity & Diversity

Event Description

During the #CCHCSP Twitter chat we will tackle the following topics/questions:

Q1. What is the scope of the problem when it comes to equity and diversity in science? #CCHCSP
Q2. What are some of the biggest current challenges to embracing equity and delivering diversity in science? #CCHCSP
Q2. Is it time to move beyond solely focusing on gender inclusivity in STEM and examine other forms of diversity? #CCHCSP
Q3. How do we get members of the dominant groups engaged in the conversation to change culture? What does it mean to be an ally? #CCHCSP
Q4. What are the leading practices?  Do currently used common practices have evidence to support their continued use? #CCHCSP
Q5. What tools and strategies do we need to effect cultural change and who is responsible? #CCHCSP
Q6. What can individual scientists do to embrace equity and deliver diversity? #CCHCSP